Conceal print Tote bag Type 2


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"NEW VINTAGE", brought out a new look of vintage by foil and color dyeing
We partly post-dyed German tote bags from the 80s. We created a new design by adding foil and lace to a vintage tote bag.
As you wear it, the foil will soften and become more comfortable.
Please enjoy the change in hardness of the foil and the appearance of the pattern as you wear it.

Repair Service
YUKI FUJISAWA's work is about accepting the passage of time while bringing light to the items' individual stories.
You can have your favorite clothes beautifully mended and repaired with gold and silver leaf at our TOKiON the STORE location.
We hope that by fixing your beloved items, we can help you to continue to cherish them long into the future.
We also offer designs where we repair areas of wear and tear by applying fresh layers of gold and silver leaf in gorgeous patterns, much like "Kintsugi".
Please get in touch with us at our TOKiON the STORE location or submit a request here.


Textile label. The masterpiece “NEW VINTAGE” is a one-of-a-kind item that creates new value as fashion by applying foil and dyeing to vintage materials.Widely used in textiles, such as providing designs to companies, brand direction, and decorating magazine cover costumes. Announcing a new presentation at the Hara Museum in 2019. Received the 2016 TOKYO New Designer Fashion Award.

About Foil

Aluminum foil has a tendency to change with time and chemical reactions.
It tends to fall off when it is rubbed or chafed, and it becomes thinner with repeated use and washing.
Please note that the excess foil on the surface will fall off at the beginning of use.
Sweat and cosmetic ingredients such as sunscreen can cause the foil to deteriorate.
One of the concepts is the changing appearance of the foil over time and YUKI FUJISAWA considers this change, which varies from person to person, to be a virtue.
Please enjoy the change of the foil as you use it.

How to wash

A tip for caring for the sweatshirt is to avoid rubbing the foil and to wash it by hand with a neutral detergent.
Be sure to wash post-dyed products on their own.
Ironing at the end of the care process will give the foil a nice shiny finish.
Iron on a backing cloth on low to medium temperature.

1,Turn it inside out and wash by hand gently with a neutral detergent such as Emal by pressing it in a tub.
2, Rinse it well several times using plenty of water.
3, Put it in a net and dry it in the washing machine for 30 seconds, then turn inside out again and dry it in the shade.
4, Let it dry thoroughly before storing it in a well-ventilated place

-Do not use anything other than neutral detergents.
-Using the "hand wash" program on washing machines is not recommended as it may cause peeling.
- Set temperature around 20 degrees Celsius and do not use hot water.
- Excess dye may fall off on post-dyed items at first.
- Be sure to wash on its own as there is a possibility of color transfer.
- do not leave it soaked in water.

Hot and humid environments may cause the foil to deteriorate.
Please avoid storing in plastic bags and store in a well-ventilated place.
Do not use chlorine based insect repellents.
Please note that the foil may be discolored by the nitrogen oxide gas emitted from stoves.

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