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The latest project "Magic Oneohtrix Point Never" Imported 2LP limited + DL
As the starting point for "Magic Oneohtrix Point Never," Lopatin came up with the name OPN when he made a collage with a large quantity of New Age tapes he bought at thrift stores.
Taking inspiration from that, "Magic Oneohtrix Point Never" is modeled after the experience of listening to a radio station.
However, in a style true to OPN, it creates a darkly humorous feeling through the inclusion of errors and the sensation of a foreign body.

One of the most important producers of our time, Daniel Lopatin, known as Oneohtrix Point Never (OPN)
Presenting stimulating visuals and sounds in each of his projects and contributing to the important and pivotal works of various artists, Daniel Lopatin, known as Oneohtrix Point Never (OPN), has become one of the most important producers of our time.
He has produced music for numerous films, and continues with momentum as he plays a key role in projects such as The Weeknd's world famous hit "After Hours" and Moses Sumney's ambitious "græ."

The great achievement of an autobiographical album that represents a culmination as well as a reflection on OPN's origins, reaching new heights of innovation and popular appeal
Developments like "Replica," a masterful collage of samples that deconstructs the New Age, the tranquil melodies of "R Plus Seven," the first project released on that made OPN a widely recognized name, the powerful noise of "Returnal," the deliberate approach to pop music in "Garden Of Delete" and "Age Of," and symphonic creations that give the impression of a film score; OPN's musical elements up to this point move about freely and come together in a peculiar integration under the concept of an imaginary radio station.
The autobiographical album that came into being here is a great achievement that represents a culmination as well as a reflection on OPN's origins that reaches new heights of innovation and popular appeal.
Abel Tesfaye, who sings as The Weeknd, is the co-executive producer for the entire album.

Artwork by Robert Beatty and OPN
Robert Beatty, whose artworks have a powerful impact, is an old friend of Lopatin's through their involvement in the noise scene.
It is a collaboration between OPN and Beatty, who is known for psychedelic artwork such as Tame Impala's "Currents" and Kesha's "Rainbow."

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