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Yu Nagaba's art presented in real life.
"Art is not only to be displayed, but can be worn while out and about", a 2.5 dimensional idea.
Artists who is well known to drawn in the unique, soft lines of Yu Nagaba.
Both have been molded in their actual sizes in acrylic panels.
The hand-drawn lines seem to come off the surface as if fully-formed objects.
And the glasses can even be used alone as actual glasses.
You can display it in your house as art, and then use the glasses when you head out the door.
Although it is art, there was no compromise made to just make any glasses that could be worn. Instead, they are created in the world-famous center of glasses-making: Sabae, in Fukui Prefecture.
In order to properly express Nagaba's hand drawings, each frame is painstakingly hand made, so that the glasses are perfectly functional.
The lenses are also functional as sunglasses, allowing through under 1% of ultraviolet rays (both clear & color lenses), while properly transmitting visible light (clear: 95%, color: 12%).
Andy Warhol is well-known for his large, Boston-style glasses.
But these are the Boston-style glasses drawn by Nagaba, and in order to express the off-kilter taste of his art, the frames are slightly asymmetrical.
One can enjoy these sunglasses that stand apart from any others, duw to the unique form borne of their hand-drawn origins, and the slight asymmetry of their form.
Sunglasses sizes: temple 15.3, frame 4.7 x 13.5, lenses 2.6 x 4.2 *the image is of a sample.
The product that is delivered may be of different size or specifications. Thank you for your understanding.

Delivery schedule: Shipment from late October

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